We have a lot of experience in localizing software in the e-learning domain. The listing below outlines our current and past efforts in localization projects.

iPlotz iPlotz is a tool for quickly drafting UI mockups. Juku Lab uses and recommends it and is responsible for maintaining the Estonian language for it.
Juku Lab has begun the localization of OLAT into Estonian.
Juku Lab is the sole maintainer of Estonian and Russian languages for eXe, the eLearning XHTML editor.

Juku Lab is the maintainer (in co-operation with ENDCOL) of the Estonian language for ILIAS 3 and is additionally overseeing the Russian and Georgian translation processes.

Juku Lab successfully completed the localization of a ForamenRehab cognitive training module "Tarkkavuus" (Attention) into Estonian and Russian languages. The project was a joint venture with Multimedia J&J Intressi Oy and Cognuse TU.


Juku Lab is the sole maintainer of the Estonian language pack for RELOAD - Metadata and Content Package Editor.
Download the language pack: i18n_ET.zip

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