2010/03/15 15:15

JukuLab participated in the E-Learning Expo Korea 2009

In September 2009, Juku Lab LLC participated in the E-Learning Expo Korea 2009 (ELEK) with it's e-learning and BrainCapsule platforms. The expo proved to be fruitful in establishing direct contacts with Korean companies, possible distributors and partners. We hope to further the success in September 2010 edition of the ELEK.

The expo is hosted by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, the Ministry of Culture, and the Sports & Tourism and Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Participation for foreign companies is encouraged by providing free booth space and other supportive services.

Additionally, the participation was supported by Enterprise Estonia.
News by Administrator
2009/11/16 14:55

JukuLab participating in EU-Gateway business mission to Korea

Juku Lab LLC was recently selected to participate in the Health and Medical Technologies business mission to Korea, organized by EU-Gateway. It is an opportunity to introduce our BrainCapsule platform to potential distributors and partners on the vibrant Korean market. News by Administrator
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