Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)

The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of specifications that unifies important approaches and vendors in the field of  Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). In ADL content is in the form of learning objects, or sharable content objects (SCO). In our interpretation these are reasonably sized reusable digitial lessons which facilitate achieving educational goals such as knowledge and comprehension.

Learning objects (LO) are self-contained, individual items of instruction with one or two educational goals, or learning objectives. We aim to make LOs rather short (15-30 minutes) and durable (independent from context), as well as interactive by making use of exercises. The bottom line is that learning objects developed at Juku Lab are SCORM compliant, giving you full confidence regarding interoperability and reusability.

Below is a link to sample learning objects created for a course on European Union and the Schengen Area:
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